Some resolutions I have:

There's probably others I'm not thinking of now. These are sort of ongoing resolutions, carry-overs from other years, but it's worth taking the time to think about them again.

Some other thoughts. I'd like to take another look at my web presence. I have a minimal landing type page for unixcat.net, but I'm not sure if I should try to add more to that subdomain as kind of a static site, or focus more on adding stuff to my Wordpress blog or my wiki. Or, perhaps, just use this site for blogging. I guess the blog format makes the most sense, at least to have that available, and I should play with the wiki a little more before I pass judgement.

I also wonder about how much of myself I want to expose on the internet. I mean, I stop short of using my real name, but even posting about projects or opinions on things puts you on display. Sometimes it's what you want. I'm not sure if that's where I'm at.

Find me at @toroidalcore@hackers.town