I was thinking about commenting here on the exodus from Twitter, and how the Fediverse is growing now that people are discovering it as an option. I've commented on my main Mastodon instance a little about this, and will just say that while the Fediverse isn't perfect, I think it's a great alternative to conventional social media. There's still work to be done, but that work is closer to an actual possibility since it's not a single platform owned by one person or a small group of people. In other words, on the Fediverse, your complaints and praises seem like they can actually reach the appropriate ears, at least in my experience.

Aside from that, it's beautiful here. The weather is warm, in the mid 70s F, and the leaves have mostly fallen around me. I spent most of today rounding them up, getting some of them to the curb, an preparing to do another haul soon. I did take a bunch and spread them over my little garden area, which will hopefully become good fertilizer in spring. But, most are going to the curb.

Halloween was pleasant, and frankly this could make a good Halloween night. I'm leaving some of my decorations up a little longer, perhaps until next weekend. Mostly they're orange lights, which I think are generally fall-appropriate. Next step will be colored and clear lights, in anticipation of the more wintry weather.

This weather is probably indicative of climate change. I remember getting all sort of weather around Halloween growing up, both warm like this and snowing. But, usually it was cooler. Maybe mid-50s F. It seems the weather has been trending warmer, just by my recollection.

But I'll enjoy it for what it is, while I can.

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