I've lived with cats for most of my life, although right now I only have one of my own. I like dogs too, but cats are mysterious in their own way. Our's have always been affectionate and dedicated to us, though they have their own ways of showing it. The bond isn't quite the same as with a dog, but it's just as strong.

Cats still retain many wild tendencies, even though they're perfectly content to curl up nearby while you work or read or sleep. They're happy to have food and shelter provided to them, but can still hunt and pounce when needed. And despite not needed constant attention, they're there for you when you're sick, having a bad day, or just need to hug something.

Obviously, this isn't true for all cats. There are cat breeds, but the house cat in general is quite varied. Such a wide range of personalities, but they're all cats.

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