George, my cat, is upside-down on his perch right now. It has a cylindrical cubby hole, and he likes to claw his way in while swatting at a feather on a fishing pole or wand. He also gets in and curls up and sleeps. The perch is kind of a cheap one, and it should probably be replaced soon, but he's gotten a lot of mileage out of it.

I'm lucky to have him. He was a stray from my neighborhood I adopted about four years ago, and he's been a lot of company. He likes to hang around me when I'm home (and he's not napping), and he's happy to sleep while I'm at work. Sometimes he wants me to throw one of his ping-pong balls, or run him around, other times he's happy to sleep on a nearby pillow while I work. (Sleeping is a recurring theme with cats as you may be aware.)

My parents lost two of their cats last year, within a couple months. They were both getting up in age, but it was still a shock. They were two I'd known growing up, and while I haven't lived with them for a while it was still hard on me.

We're lucky to have them. I get that pets aren't for everyone, and some people prefer dogs or the company of some other creature. Those with a furry companion, enjoy every minute you have with them. Give them a hug.

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