All of a sudden it seemed to go from winter straight to spring. Now, it's in the 90s (F) outside, sunny, and just generally pleasant. Part of my yard is fenced off as a garden, and I need to go out and dig it up a little bit, to turn up the soil. Back in fall I left a blanket of leaves there, these need to be raked out as well. I'm hoping for a nice year.

I want to try pumpkins again. My yard has some nice spaces for them, but they usually get eaten by wildlife. The garden can work, but I only have so much space. I may try a couple vines there, and prune them.

I also want to try banana peppers. I've never grown them before, and love them on things like pizza. It may be better to do these in a pot, however.

Tomatoes are a good standby, as they're amazing when fresh and not too difficult. Grape tomatoes especially.

And then there's catnip. It's come up again after winter before, and I'm not sure if it will this time. But George likes it now and then, so I'll do a plant or two.

Now that it's April, I want to try to get on top of these things. Especially since while today was warm, it's not consistently like that yet.

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