More Pool

My pool is open. The screw I mentioned in a previous post has not turned up, although everything seems to be working right. This was after trying to vacuum it out of the lines with another pump. So right now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work right.

I shocked it a bunch of times, and now the water is clear. The greenish cloudiness turned to dead algae in the form of little sand-like piles on the bottom. My procedure is usually to take my spare pump and just vacuum this to waste, once the water level gets higher. I have a diatomaceous earth filter, which is great for clearing the water, but in my experience will get plugged quickly when vacuuming sediment, so I just go to waste. I mean, the worst thing that would happen is I would have to regen and put new earth in, but that's kind of a pain.

The pools is about 61 degrees F right now, so not to attractive for swimming. But eventually we'll get a heat wave, and not only will the temperature go up but the cold water will feel good. I've thought about getting a pool heater, or even trying to work out some kind of solar heater, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Not just for me.

The pool is an excess, and kind of a money sink. I do admit, that if my house hadn't come with it I wouldn't have had it put in. Not this time around, at least. I grew up with a very nice above-ground pool, and if I had a family I would probably get one (or maybe an in-ground). But for now I could probably survive with out it if I had to. Or, at the very least, on one of those temporary pools with the inflatable ring. But since I have my pool, I enjoy it.

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