Multiple Places

I technically have another blog at my site, my “main” one. This one just started because I wanted to play around with WriteFreely. I like it, it's simple, and plays well with the Fediverse. I treat it as something between the microblogging of something like Mastodon or Gotosocial, and the full-out Wordpress experience.

Truthfully, when I log into my Wordpress install, it feels like more of a project. Writing and publishing a post feels like writing a mini paper as opposed to just putting something down, which this seems more conducive to. I was thinking about whether or not I should just switch to one and stop doing the other, but I don't think I will.

I do want to play around with the ActivityPub plugin for Wordpress. It looks interesting, and is probably a logical step. I also still toy with the idea of a static site, although I'm going to do that with my own static site generator... Which I haven't written yet. I looked at the countless ones in existence already, and just decided that if/when I make that leap it will be with my own project.

I also have a Mediawiki install, which to me was a way to organize things like howtos and stuff that didn't feel right as a blog post... Although those could also be static pages I guess. I don't know.

Web development isn't my profession, and while it's something I want to learn more about I don't have a terribly constant web presence, or reason to have one outside of social media reasons. I have stuff I want to share, eventually, and I may just have to publish them by whatever means I can actually get content put down.

I'd like to move toward static pages, and maybe that will happen someday. I'll keep playing in the Fediverse, though.

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