I am posting this from a #PinePhone. Actually, the phone is plugged into a USB C hub, with HDMI, and a keyboard and mouse connected. It actually works pretty well. On the phone, Phosh is the desktop (I'm just using the Manjaro install it came with), but I get a nearly-normal Linux desktop experience on the monitor. I've got a SIM card in there now for internet.

This isn't too bad. I tried it a while ago just to see if it would work, but never really used it. Now, it's sluggish to start some applications, but this could kind of be an interesting daily driver. The PinePhone has issues with AT&T, in that data works but voice and text don't, but with a different carrier it's not a bad phone if you don't actually need the Android/iOS app ecosystem. (AT&T is migrating to VoLTE only. The PinePhone supports it, but they've chosen to just ban other devices which aren't VoLTE exclusive, which the PinePhone isn't. The phone does work with a Verizon SIM I'd already activated, though, including voice and text.)

This phone is kind of like a compromise between a smart phone and a Linux laptop. So, it's not a direct replacement for say an Android phone, since it's not really the same thing. But in my opinion, it definitely fills a niche.

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