I just dumped a bunch of shock in the pool. The water is too low for the filter, but I've got a spare pump that I'm now using with a couple hoses to just pump water in a circle, to stir. Eventually I'll add more, and will be able to run the skimmer. I could probably cut the skimmer off and run the drain, but I'll just stick with this for now.

The pool stays pretty cold, but it gets up when we have our summer heat wave. I only have air conditioning in my bedroom, so it's a key part of my strategy to remain somewhat comfortable when we get our heat wave. We usually get two or three big ones a summer up here.

It's extra work, particularly with chemicals costing more these days, but I think it's worth it considering I have it. It was a nice perk that came with the house, although I'm not sure I would have had it put in had it not been there.

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