My pool is green. But, it's clearer after I shocked it. I opened it a few days ago, and it's getting there, but it's got a ways to go before I can really swim in it. It's not hot enough yet outside.

One issue – the skimmer and main drain are connected to each other. There's a little fitting that goes over two openings, one leading to the drain, one to the pump. So you can control the flow of water from the drain, and the skimmer at the intake to the filter. Before installing this, I dropped a screw down one of the openings.

I have a second pump I typically use for vacuuming. My plan is to use this to vacuum the screw out, just by holding the intake hose to each of the two openings. I'd rather try this than have it get stuck somewhere in the piping.

After this, I should be able to get the filter going.

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