Power Outage

We got a foot of snow last night. It's thick, wet, spring snow. They warned us of power outages, and I figured there was a chance, but then this morning it was out. I don't know when. When I got up, the server that's on the UPS had shut off, so it must have been for an hour or two.

And as of almost 8 PM, it's still out. Internet works, which I verified earlier by powering up my router, cable modem, and switch, but now I'm just tethered from one laptop to my phone. Luckily natural gas still works, but the furnace needs electricity to turn on. So it's getting colder, but at least I can cook. I'm operating off battery power now, which is charged by solar, which didn't produce a lot today. If necessary I can hook my car up to charge, which I may do in a little bit.

I stuck some bags of ice and a plate of snow in the refrigerator, so hopefully not everything will go bad. I'm running a lamp in the living room, so there is some light. If nothing else, it's a change, a little break from routine. Usually power outages are fixed pretty quick where I am, so there may have been a few breaks. In the mean time, George and I will be trying to stay warm.

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