It's not spring yet, but it's getting close. It's been warmer some days, unseasonably almost, but when it gets warmer midway through or at the end of winter, it makes me think of spring. There's a smell to it, of vegetation appearing from underneath a blanket of snow and seeing a clear sunny day for the first time in months. There's something about walking around outside in a light jacket, or perhaps just a sweater. And then just the light itself, even if it's a little cloudy out, to remind you that the days are in fact getting longer again.

I like the winter time, the holiday season, snow (hopefully, a tasteful amount), Christmas lights, visiting family, etc. There's a coziness to winter that I enjoy. I hate to say that the change to spring brings hope, because I don't necessarily think of the darker months as miserable. But it certainly feels like things are starting up again.

I started a new job recently, back in the late fall really, so while it doesn't align perfectly it is sort of timely. Something about this year feels like it will be a refresh I need. Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe next winter/spring.

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